Reaction to George Zimmerman verdict mixed

Hoosiers react to verdict

INDIANAPOLIS - As soon as the verdict in the George Zimmerman was handed down Saturday night, social media lit up with reaction and people voiced their opinion through numerous venues.

Attorney Jack Crawford, who on Friday predicted a not-guilty verdict, said he doesn't think the prosecution proved its case.

"I was not surprised. I think the prosecution did not do a very good job of presenting their case," Crawford said. "They tried to make Mr. Zimmerman into a racist murderer, and it just wasn't there."

The Rev. David Hampton, of Light of the World Church on Indianapolis' northwest side, said he was shocked but not surprised by the verdict. He also said the prosecution did not prove its case.

"As a leader and a pastor, I certainly advocate for peaceful protests around the country," Hampton said. "I am concerned, however, but everyone has a right to voice their concern about the racial and political ramifications of the verdict."

The Indianapolis Department of Homeland Security asked Hoosiers to react calmly to the verdict.

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