Refugees from Burma donate $10K to south side explosion victims' fund

Chin refugees came to south side with nothing

INDIANAPOLIS - Victims of the south side explosion have been given a financial lift from newcomers to America.

Members of the Burmese-Chin community of refugees have donated more than $10,500 to the fund to aid families impacted by the Richmond Hill blast.

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There are now more than 7,000 Chin refugees in the Indianapolis area. 

Nineteen churches raised money and presented a check to Southport Presbyterian Church.

The church is managing the relief fund, which has grown to $60,000.

Cindy McClain, an elder at Southport Presbyterian, said they are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Chin people.

"We know the kind of people that they are. For them to step up and give to their community has been a thrill for us to watch," McClain said. "They are just extremely generous."


McClain said though the check was unexpected, they were not surprised by the show of support from the Chin community.

"They are kind. They are very caring, very compassionate," she said. "However, we did not know this check was coming. We weren't expecting it. In that regard, it was a surprise."

"The Chin community, we feel that we belong to this community," said Kjack William, chairman of the Chin Community of Indiana. "We feel we are a part of this community. We want to help them. We feel sorry for this."

William said the Chin community is just repaying the kindness they were shown.

"When we came the first time here, we get help from our American friends," he said. "Right now our friends, our neighbors when they have a problem like this disaster, we also want to help them. It is very important. We need to help our neighbors."

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