Remembering 9/11: Ind. men wave flags to never forget

Thousands see flag wavers on bridges

INDIANAPOLIS - On the twelfth anniversary of September 11, a group of Hoosiers showed thousands of people why they should never forget the day.

Dennis Locke and his friends plant flags on bridge overpasses before dawn and wave to motorists below all day every year on the anniversary of 9/11.

"The first day was just a couple of guys out here with a couple of flags because we had to do something. We couldn't shoot back. We had to do something so we're out here," Locke said.

The group said they felt the call to do something after the national tragedy.

"People forget over time and that's why you do this. People come to see this. They tell others and it lives on," Michael Poulimas, a Vietnam veteran, said. "People remember what the day's about. People remember what it's like to be an American and sacrifices others have made, and people talk about it and that's the whole idea -- for people to talk and remember."

The men refuse to let their fellow Hoosiers forget what happened to America.

"People have forgotten. It's like what have you done for me recently. People forget it. Just like we no longer remember the Invasion of Normandy or Pearl Harbor.It used to be a big deal. Anymore it's like, oh well. It's inconvenient," Locke said.

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