Report: Deaths among Indiana teen drivers highest in U.S.

Texting while driving may be to blame, police say

INDIANAPOLIS - The Governors Highway Safety Association reported that Indiana has the highest increase in the number of deaths of drivers between 16 and 17 years old in the United States.

The report tracked the number of fatal accidents in early 2012, and Indiana State Police suspect texting and driving could be the culprit.

Indiana topped the list of states with an increase in teen driver deaths that included Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Kentucky and Louisiana.

"We have an issue with texting and driving and drifting on the roadway," ISP Sgt. Shawn O'Keefe said.

State Police also advised parents to talk to teens about the dangers of using drugs and alcohol while driving.

Lawmakers are expected to review the report to propose new legislation needed to protect young drivers.

Teen driver Josh Fry said the state's new distinction is shocking, but he admits he and his friends could drive more safely.

"I'm pretty shocked, but seeing my friends drive, we're pretty reckless on the road," Fry said. "I'm not exempt from that. We all speed, but to see that we have the highest death rate, I think that we as teens should be more careful than that."



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