Report: Lauren Spierer associate says missing IU student's family harassing him

Corey Rossman: Spierers 'hurting my career'

INDIANAPOLIS - One of several people who had been with Indiana University student Lauren Spierer on the night she was last seen in 2011 told a newspaper that Spierer's parents have been harassing him.

In an interview with The Journal News , Corey Rossman said, "It's inappropriate the way they're harassing people that are also victims in this case."

"We've done nothing wrong. If we'd done something wrong, we would have been arrested already. All they're doing is hurting my career," Rossman told the paper.

Rossman's attorney, Carl Salzmann, previously said that Rossman did not remember his last moments with Spierer, but Rossman told the newspaper that he never said that.

Rossman's interview with The Journal News was the first time he had spoken publicly about Spierer's disappearance.

Police said Rossman was with Spierer on the night she was last seen and that Rossman was assaulted by another student. Rossman's attorney previously said the assault was the reason.

Through interviews and statements via social media, Rob and Charlene Spierer have repeatedly asked Rossman and others who were with Spierer on the night of her disappearance to take a lie detector test.

"Silent for two years, & this is what he comes out to say? Don't like the implications, Corey? Take the police-administered lie-detector test," tweeted @NewsonLaurenS, an account associated with the Spierer family.

"It's strange you mention nothing about finding out what happened. It's strange you aren't compassionate. Or is it so strange?" read another tweet.

The Journal News said that when a reporter reached Rossman by phone Thursday, he accused the reporter of "harassing" him at work.

"I feel if she never met Corey Rossman, she’d be alive today," Robert Spierer said in a 2012 interview. "His claim of memory loss is laughable."

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