Rescued Lawrence shelter dogs on the mend

INDIANAPOLIS - The animals rescued from the Lawrence Animal Control shelter are on the mend – but officials say they're still weeks away from being healthy enough for adoption.

Though the animal control officer in charge of the shelter was fired, rage over the condition the animals lived in continues to boil in Lawrence.

"How do you let an animal starve and dehydrate to death lying in his own urine and feces?" one outraged citizen told RTV6. "And nobody did anything. Everybody covered for him. That's corruption."  

At a meeting Wednesday, Lawrence Police Chief Michael Walton admitted he didn't know exactly how long the 11 dogs were without food and water or a clean place to lie.

At Indianapolis Animal Control, workers are trying to nurse the dogs back to health. Those in need of more advanced rehabilitation were taken in by a local animal rescue.

"That poor dog was very, very emaciated, very skinny, hip bones sticking out," said animal rescue worker Dawn Contos. "You could count ribs, and it had very bad diarrhea unlike any I'd ever seen."

Rescue workers say the dogs are skinny and scared, but open to human contact. They say after testing and more care they could be ready to go home with a family.

Lawrence is set to have another meeting Monday night for people to voice their concerns about the ongoing administration of the shelter.

For information about adopting these dogs, or any of the animals currently in need of homes in Indianapolis, visit

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