Residents fight against proposed power plant

Nebraska company wants to build in Shelby Co.

SHELBY COUNTY, Ind. - A grass-roots effort is underway to stop a Nebraska company from building a $500 million power plant in Shelby County.

Nearby residents said the natural gas-fueled plant would damage their quiet way of life.

Sara Goedde lives in the quiet country with her husband and three children.

"A lake, a country setting, the woods, the farmland on either side of us putting a 100-acre power plant right there, yeah it's gonna deter what most of us moved out here for," Goedde said.

The power plant would encompass 98 acres and would be built in Shelby County right next to the Bunge soybean mill.

The proposed project is called the Blue River Generating Station and Tenaska is the Nebraska-based company that wants to build it.

Goedde said she expressed her concern to company officials earlier this year.

"Yes you're gonna see it, it's gonna be pretty well lit up. Yeah you're gonna hear it pretty much 24-7 you're gonna hear it," Goedde said the company officials told her.

She says that's when they told her the plant would use up to one million gallons of water per day. Goedde and other neighbors have concerns about the environmental hazards.

"They will just say well we're well within the limits that your state sets for all of these matters," Goedde said.

That is what Helen Manroe of Tenaska also told RTV6.

"We have explained that the air permits will be regulated by the state and by the federal government and that we will meet all existing requirements that are in place to protect the health and safety of the public," Manroe said.

Goedde said she talked to Manroe and told her they were thinking of building a new and bigger house on their land. Goedde said Manroe told her that she wouldn’t suggest building a house there.

What makes matters worse for Goedde and other neighbors is they believe town leaders are ignoring their concerns.

"And they tell us, well it really doesn't matter what you want, you don't live in town," she said.

They live in the county, just outside the annexed area where the plant would operate.

Other neighbors said they would move if the plant is built.

Plans for the power plant will be discussed at next week’s town council meeting in Morristown.

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