Residents on NE side demand street improvements with petitions

INDIANAPOLIS - Residents of the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood on the city’s northeast side are demanding that their streets be fixed immediately.

The bad winter has caused terrible driving conditions on the streets and residents want the city to spend some of the hard-earned tax dollars to fix their roads.

In some areas of the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood, travel has become an at-your-own-risk proposition. Rutted roads, potholes and crumbling streets have not only made for dangerous passage, but also frustration and anger from residents who drive them.

"I am angry. So are the rest of the residents who live around here. They're angry and that's why they've signed this petition," President of the Martindale-Brightwood Neighborhood Association Amy Harwell said.

Harwell said more than 300 residents of the neighborhood have signed petitions demanding that city hall fix their streets and sidewalks.

Christopher Lang, a lifelong resident for nearly 50 years, is one of them.

"There's money that's been allocated for that and we're not seeing it, and that's sad. And all we want is what is due to us," Lang said.

In August of last year, Mayor Greg Ballard had what he thought was bipartisan support for the second round of RebuildIndy, a $350 million package of infrastructure improvements.

Some of those funds would finance at least two major sidewalk improvements and seven resurfacing projects in the Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood.

"Three-hundred and fifty million dollars for our neighborhoods, including bridgework, a lot of other projects. We just need the council to move on it so we can get all this started," the mayor’s spokesman, Marc Lotter, said.

In the meantime, both the anger and the streets in Martindale-Brightwood continue to get worse.

"If you’re going to take my tax money and you don't pay attention to us, then tell us to stop paying taxes," Harwell said.

On Thursday, a committee of the City-County Council will release the remaining $8 million from RebuildIndy 1.

Committee chair Vern Brown, D-District 18, insists that the mayor should scale back RebuildIndy 2 because the city just can’t afford it.

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