Ritter alumna, Rose Hulman grad earns elite Oxford University scholarship

Betsy Jones, 21, studies biomedical engineering

INDIANAPOLIS - A young woman who is described as a remarkable biomedical engineering student will graduate from Rose Hulman University this month, but her educational trail won't end there.

Betsy Jones, 21, has been selected for a Whitaker International Scholarship to attend England's Oxford University.

"I'm thrilled to go to Oxford. This is a dream come true," said Jones, who attended Cardinal Ritter High School in Indianapolis.

Dr. Christine Buckley, a biomedical engineering professor, said the Whitaker scholarship is reserved for the best of the best, and she wasn't surprised to count Jones among that elite group.

"There are only 40 Americans that receive this award. It is extremely prestigious," Buckley said. "It was no surprise to me that Betsy was one of the winners. She will make Rose Hulman proud. She will make the best use of the award."

Jones has made the best of her time at Rose Hulman, where she's shown a commitment to research that will improve the quality of life for people by improving their mobility.

"I would love to do what I can to understand osteoarthritis. That affects a huge amount of people," Jones said. "That's why you need a hip replacement or knee replacement. If we could get rid of that necessity and get a cure for that disease, I would love to contribute to that."

Jones has picked up her cap and gown and is slated to graduate on May 25, but she hopes before she walks away that her performance in the classroom inspires other young women to pursue study in biomedical engineering and related fields.

Jones will have an internship at Eli Lilly this summer and will report to Oxford on Oct. 1.

She hopes to one day be a professor at Rose Hulman.



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