Ritz: I won't break the law

Says Pence needs to engage with her directly

INDIANAPOLIS - State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz says she won’t break the law while overseeing the state’s public school systems.

“I will not operate in a manner in which we’re breaking law,” Ritz told RTV6’s Rafael Sanchez in an exclusive interview.  “I will not do it.”

Her comments come after the dramatic ending to Wednesday’s State Board of Education meeting.

Ritz adjourned the meeting and left, after claiming board members were trying to vote on an illegal motion.

“When it was proposed that the CECI staff actually oversee that entire process, that’s not according to law,” Ritz said.

“So, I won’t operate in that kind of atmosphere," Ritz said. "So, yes, I’m very firm about that.  I’m a person who really wants things to happen like they should, and I don’t shy away from that.”

Governor Pence on Friday suggested the National Association of State Boards of Education serve as a mediator for Ritz and state board members, saying his administration is prepared to provide "any and all resources and assistance needed " to coordinate the process.

Ritz's office fired back Friday with a press release saying Pence needs to "engage with Superintendent Ritz directly, rather than through the media."

"For the governor to claim that this can be resolved without his direct involvement shows that he simply has not been listening," the statement said.

You can see the full, exclusive interview with Glenda Ritz on “Indianapolis This Week with Rafael Sanchez” Sunday morning at 7:30 a.m. on RTV6.

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