Road, utility crews prep for next round of heavy snow

Crews prepare to treat roads, staff call centers

INDIANAPOLIS - Road crews and utility companies are preparing for the next round snow and ice set to freeze central Indiana.

Officials with the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indianapolis Department of Public Works said time of the storm was expected to make a messy commute Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

DPW Spokeswoman Lesley Gordon advised driver to plan extra time to arrive at their destinations. .

"We do expect to see some issues with commutes home (Tuesday). We want people to prepare as much as they can. If they can leave earlier, do that," Gordon said.

Road crews were expected to attack the roads before the snow falls, treating them with a fresh coat of salt.  INDOT worked to cover interstates with brine Monday to prevent them from freezing.

Meanwhile, Duke Energy Spokeswoman Angeline Protogere said utility crews were making plans to be prepared for possible snow and heavy ice that could snap tree limbs and power lines.

"Ice is a utility's worst enemy. And there is some icing that has been predicted in this storm. So we are taking it very seriously," Protogere said. "The weather has been relentless this winter. But it's our job to be prepared no matter what the weather is."

Duke Energy is manning call centers and making sure trucks are gassed up and ready to respond to possible outages. They're also prepared to call in help from other states if needed.

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