Robbery suspect: 'Nicest robber that ever showed up'

Anthony also charged in Nov. 27 murder

INDIANAPOLIS - The eleventh suspect to be arrested in connection with two violent home break-ins has been charged with murder in a Nov. 27 shooting, officials said.

Officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department searched for 20-year-old Adrian Anthony for more than a month.  Anthony was arrested Saturday night in connection with the home robberies.

On Monday, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said that Anthony had been charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Robbie Gibson on North Gray Street .

Anthony spoke out Monday, admitting his involvement in the home robberies, but saying it wasn’t that bad.

Anthony said he was only in it for the money, and while there’s no way to put a good face on the level of violence he and five other men perpetrated, it didn’t stop him from trying.

"From them seeing me in their home that night, they knew I wasn't the monster you all are portraying me to be. They know as far as them having a robbery, this was the nicest robber that ever showed up to them," Anthony said.

During the last week of October, only five nights apart, five men broke into two north-side homes.

They are accused of raping, robbing, torturing and shooting their victims. In both crimes, the men forced the victims to withdraw large sums of money at ATMs.

Anthony said he had no role in the sexual assaults and tried to distance himself from those who did.

"They comply with me, cause I was so nice to them, I use my manners. I never acted like no monster in there. So they felt some kind of comfortability inside while I was there. And they just felt like they could give it to me and get out of the way. I kept my word, I mean they gave me the money I got out of their way," Anthony said.

Police say that five men were directly involved in the robberies. Police said six other people face charges of assisting criminals and possession of stolen property.

Anthony offered an apology to his many victims.

"Yeah, I made some threats like I let them know like, if you think I'm playing and if you think this is a game of some kind of reasons, that's what will happen, stuff is going to start. It's going to the next level. I'm going to be that monster. But I never had to bring the monster out," Anthony said.

Anthony also faces charges of robbery and carrying a handgun without a license in connection with the Nov. 27 shooting.

Police said Christopher Bell has also been charged in connection with the Nov. 27 shooting death of Gibson.

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