Rude food: Dinner served with a side of 'tude at Dick's Last Resort

New downtown restaurant known for surly servers

INDIANAPOLIS - The city's newest restaurant is open and you'd better bring your sense of humor.

Dick's Last Resort has become famous, not so much for what it serves, but for the surly people who serve it.

At Dick's Last Resort , lunch and dinner come with a big helping of attitude.

"A lot of people think we're all about being rude," said Director of Training Holly Peters. "Everybody's definition of rude is a little bit different."

The banter at Dick's Last Resort skirts a fine line.

"You talk a lot. You know that, right? You're worse than a woman," a waitress was overheard telling a customer.

"Look, it's food. You're not taking your SAT's," one waiter told an indecisive diner.

That's part of the concept for the small but growing restaurant chain that's distinguished itself with its ill-tempered servers and a barrage of double entendre.

"People come in, we make fun of you, you make fun of us. It's comedy. Self-deprecating, 5th grade humor, pretty much," Peters said.

Restaurant critics certainly would call it gimmicky -- servers spewing vitriol at innocent diners, dressing them in paper dunce caps adorned with personalized insults -- but Dick's Last Resort was designed for food critics.

"Hey. I'm going to do you a favor. I'm going to cover up his face. I want you to enjoy your meal. It's hard to enjoy your meal looking at this guy," one waiter said, as he pulled a paper dunce cap over a restaurant patron's face.

The downtown Indianapolis restaurant is the Nashville-based company's 13th location, and while the motto is eat, drink and laugh, servers walk a fine line between having fun at the customers' expense and offending them.

"Even hell has boundaries, so we have to set the limit," Peters said.

Dick's keeps the rants rated PG, and company executives say that the apoplectic floor show is only part of the experience. The food delivered by its coarse servers is what keeps customers coming back and the chain growing.

There's also a serious side to the restaurant chain -- Dick's is a big supporter of charities, such as the Wounded Warrior Project. The restaurant also plans to support Riley Hospital for Children.

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