Saving money on heating bills this winter

Quick fixes can save hundreds of dollars

INDIANAPOLIS - Thermal imaging technology is helping homeowners better protect their homes and wallets during the winter.

Jim Schwarz with Center Grove Real Estate Inspections tracks energy flow for a living. His thermal imaging camera shows changes in temperature within a tenth of a degree.

He looks for big variances in homes and where heat may be escaping. He said he hopes to help people understand that energy is not getting any cheaper.

Schwarz said once problem areas are identified, the fix is cheap. Only about $30 worth of materials are needed for the simple fixes that can help save money.

Schwarz offered the following tips:

  • Vents, doors, windows and attic access areas inside homes should be sealed up tightly.
  • A roll of HVAC tape, two or three tubes of clear silicone caulk and just a little fine pencil-point bead can be run around hard floors to make a difference.
  • Put window kits on old, drafty windows. They're very effective to get the job done.

Schwarz said those simple fixes can save the average homeowner about $500 to $800 a year.

A professional home thermal scan, complete with recommendations, costs about $200.

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