'Savior's Serenade' held for Fishers family

Family lost mother to cancer Friday night

FISHERS, Ind. - While the Race for the Cure was wrapping up in downtown Indianapolis, a group gathered in Fishers to serenade a family who had just lost their mother to cancer.

Rachel Cotton was diagnosed with breast cancer, and beat it the first time around. But after two years in remission, Rachel was again diagnosed with cancer – this time of the liver.

On Friday, she passed away.

A group called "Savior's Serenade" was scheduled to serenade Rachel today. Instead, they serenaded her family to show them their support.

"Not all of us knew Rachel. A lot of people here today have no idea who she was," said Steve Hatchel, co-found of Savior's Serenade. "But they gathered today to support her and her family, and show there's more family beyond than just what they consider family."

The Savior's Serenade ministry has performed nearly 40 serenades around the Indianapolis area.

To learn more about the organization, check out the Savior's Serenade Facebook page .  

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