Scammers: Relative will be killed if victim doesn't pay

Residents urged to watch out for phone scam

FRANKLIN, Ind. - Police are warning residents to be vigilant as a new round of telephone scams is targeting unsuspecting people.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department said a woman called them to report receiving a call in which a man asked if her relatives were traveling.

When she told the man her in-laws were on the road, he told her that her father-in-law had been involved in an accident and had struck a gang member.

The woman told police that the caller told her he had her father-in-law at gunpoint and would kill him if she didn't pay for damages.

"He stated that he wanted to hear the car start or he would pull the trigger," part of a police report read.

When the woman talked to her mother while on the phone, the man told her that if she called police "he would pull the trigger and his death would be on her."

The woman told police that the caller demanded $800. She hung up after the man began cursing at her, police said.

"Shelly called her in-laws to check on them and they were fine and arrived to their residence," police said in their report.

The woman said she decided to file a report because she didn't remember what personal information she may have provided to the caller.

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