School accused of providing ISTEP questions on practice test

School says investigation will be launched

INDIANAPOLIS - Students at a local school had access to ISTEP questions before taking the official exam, the Call 6 Investigators have learned.

THE MTI School of Knowledge boasts on its website that its students have won multiple scholarships, and when it comes to standardized exams "the school does not teach to the test."
But sources tell the Call 6 Investigators that fourth graders were given access to questions on the math and science ISTEP before taking the actual exam.
Sources said the school received the questions from the actual test and created practice sheets for students to study.
When the kids began taking the official test, several of the questions looked the same, because they had seen them.

When the Call 6 Investigators visited the school, Principal Sheik Tewfik Choukri said he was preparing a prayer and told his staff he could not respond to RTV6's questions.

The Department of Education says it does not comment on possible, pending or on-going investigations.

Last year, the agency had it hands full when it had to deal with cheating at North Central High School involving the 10th grade biology exam.

The MTI School of Knowledge released a statement Friday saying:

"MTI School of Knowledge is well aware of the serious allegations levied against its administrators. We take academic dishonesty extremely seriously and will be launching a full fledge investigation into the matter immediately. The school is currently not in session for Spring Break and we are unable to contact all concerned parties to give a more detailed statement."


The school could face several sanctions, including having test scores invalidated, and it could also impact their academic standing and their funding.

Currently, a majority of students receive vouchers to attend the school. The amount of the voucher is nearly $600,000. 

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