Security enhanced at Bankers Life Fieldhouse ahead of Pacers game

Outdoor trash cans removed, bomb dogs called in

INDIANAPOLIS - The events in Boston have triggered a greater awareness about the need to enhance security at sporting events in Indianapolis. 

The Pacers play their last regular season game Wednesday night at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and it didn't take long for Homeland Security to take action.

The outdoor trash cans that were closest to Bankers Life Fieldhouse have been removed on the recommendation of the Indianapolis DHS, and bomb-resistant cans were put in their place.

The move will make things just a little bit safer, but it is not a panacea.

"We can't get rid of all garbage cans. We just can't, it's not possible," said Gary Coons, with DHS. "That's why we're dependent on the public. We ask the public every day to let us know if something isn't right. If they see somebody put something in the garbage can, like a package, notify us, let us check it out."

One person who talked to RTV6 also brought up the idea of bomb resistant trash cans.

"As an engineer I worked on the airport project, and we put bomb-resistant trash cans in every area close to the building," said Sahara Williams. "So I think that's standard precaution. They probably ought to do that."

The trash can removal is just the beginning for safety upgrades at Bankers Life.

"We're in constant communication with public safety officials in Indianapolis on what we can do in cooperation with them to help make a very safe environment for spectators," said David Benner, a spokesman for the Pacers.

There will be more bomb-sniffing dogs at the Fieldhouse Wednesday night.


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