Semis carrying oversized loads hit same overpass twice in 2 days

Driver says bridge wasn't marked

INDIANAPOLIS - For the second time in two days, an oversized truck struck a downtown overpass on Saturday.

Semi driver Bobby Clowers had a hiccup in his trip -- hauling concrete molds from Ontario, Ohio, to St. Louis -- when his load didn't clear the Virginia Avenue overpass on Interstate 65/Interstate 70 near the south split.

"I seen this one looked too close, so I stopped, eased up against it and it touched," said Clowers, while pointing at a downtown bridge.

Clowers said Indiana State Police ticketed him for driving an oversized load.

"There's no markings on the bridges, and they're settling. They're cracked you can see where they're settling down," Clowers said.

A February crash on the northbound side of the same stretch of road caused authorities to close the interchange for repairs.

"It's becoming far too frequent. We ride on this trail quite a bit and it seems like every weekend we see the same thing," said bicyclist Greg Slick.

Oversized permits are not allowed in the downtown area because of the low bridges, police said. Instead, oversized loads are supposed to go around Interstate 465.

When it comes to height, Indiana guidelines say trucks taller than 13 feet 6 inches are oversized.

Clowers admits his load is 13 feet 9 inches. He said he had to drop his air suspension to clear the bridge, but he said he plans to fight the ticket because he didn't see any signs posted specifying the height requirements.


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