Serial shoplifter lost GPS device in shoplifting scuffle, not job interview

O'Kelly lied to authorities about incident

INDIANAPOLIS - Darryl O’Kelly was on home detention with GPS monitoring when he violated his detention and lied to authorities about the incident.

Community correction officials lost contact with him Dec. 28 and he told them that he lost his GPS device during a job interview.

Authorities believed him until Wednesday when it was revealed he lost his device in a violent shoplifting incident.

Metro Police have called O’Kelly, 46, a serial shoplifter who has taken aim on most of the stores in the Glendale mall.

O’Kelly went into the Target store last week, and police say he stole more than $600 worth of electronics and household items.

After store security confronted O’Kelly, he pushed, grabbed, shoved and threw them to the floor, police said.

During the struggle, O’Kelly lost his jacket with his GPS tracking device.

“They were able to trace that back to the suspect, Mr. O’Kelly pretty quickly and the officer was able to get a picture of Mr. O’Kelly while he was on scene,” Sgt. Linda Jackson of the Metro Police Department said.

When Community Corrections officials lost O’Kelly’s GPS signal, he was immediately called in and he gave a different story about how he lost contact.

“On Dec. 28, he was out for a job search. He said he lost his GPS equipment, so we told him to come in immediately. He did come in immediately and we put him in a new GPS piece of equipment,” said Steve Dyson of Marion County Community Corrections.

O’Kelly also violated his home detention Dec. 17 when he was arrested for possession of cocaine, theft, receiving stolen property and resisting arrest, police said.

The court decided to put O’Kelly back into home detention which he would violate four days later.

“I just recently learned that a violation is going to be filed. Charges are going to be filed as a result of that incident. As soon as those charges are filed, we’ll amend the charges we’ve already filed,” Dyson said.

Officials were unaware of the Target incident until they saw a copy of the police report.

O’Kelly is due back in court next week and he will have to pay for the GPS he lost in the Target store.

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