Shooting victim's family members hope for justice against Adrian Anthony, other robbers

Mother: 'I want those two to rot in hell"

INDIANAPOLIS - A 35-year-old father was gunned down during a robbery while trying to earn money for Christmas -- and it happened the day before Thanksgiving. Now, we're hearing his family's reaction to the cold-blooded killing.

Robbie Gibson’s accused killer went on camera this week to talk about another crime he admits to committing: two violent break-ins in October. Shortly after that interview, Adrian Anthony was charged with Gibson’s death.

For as shocking as the brutality of the crimes he’s accused of committing, 20-year-old Anthony’s jailhouse defense of his actions is almost inconceivable.

“As far as this being a robbery, they know this is the nicest robber that ever showed up to them," Anthony said of the people he robbed.

Anthony spoke of politeness and compassion in his jailhouse interviews. That alleged politeness and compassion, however, was not shown to 36-year-old Robbie Gibson.

Police charged Anthony this week with the Indianapolis man’s murder during a robbery the day before Thanksgiving.

“He pulled a gun out of his hoodie like this. He's like, ‘I don't want anything. This is a robbery,’" Robbie Gibson’s brother Ron Gibson said.

Police said Robbie and Ron Gibson were working on a home to make money for Christmas when Anthony -- armed with a gun -- along with 17-year-old Christopher Bell walked up to the men and demanded money. It was a crime interrupted by a passing truck.

“I (saw) him put the gun in his hoodie. When the other one ran, I ran with him. I get to the middle of the street, then (a) gunshot goes off and my brother says, ‘Ronnie, he shot me.’ (Anthony) ran off and I ran into my house and locked the door so he wouldn't go in the house and get the kids,” Ron said.

Anthony was already wanted by police for a brutal home robbery of a family in October at 79th and College. Ron Gibson said it was Anthony he saw walking the neighborhood with another man each day for two weeks leading up to his brother’s murder. Family members of the victim have no kind words for the self-described well-mannered criminal.

“I want (those) two to rot in hell,” Robbie Gibson’s mother, Gale Boggs, said. “I don't want them to have the electric chair. I want them to suffer the same way we're suffering right now. That's what I want. I want them to suffer the same way my family's suffering."

Robbie Gibson’s life ended over a nearly empty wallet and his brother’s cellphone. He died in his mother’s arms.

Anthony was arrested after a brief chase with police three days later. He offered this to reporters:

“Y’all (are) making me look like a monster in the news. My family members think I’m what you’re portraying me to be.”

And with that, Anthony was led back to his cell to face the possibility of life in prison. Anthony faces more than 100 years in prison for Gibson’s murder. He also faces dozens of charges in those home robberies from October.

Stay tuned to RTV6 in the coming weeks for further developments on the break-in suspects.

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