Shorter weekends to make up Ball State classes

MUNCIE, Ind. - Many of Ball State University's 18,000 students are facing Friday evening and Saturday classes to make up for two days of courses canceled by extreme cold this month.

Despite the university's efforts, many students aren't happy about the plans and have started an online petition to challenge the make-up days.

Ball State officials called off classes Jan. 6-7 on the Muncie campus as wind chills reached about 35 degrees below zero. Those were the first two days of Ball State's spring semester, while Indiana and Purdue universities didn't start classes until the following week.

Ball State Provost Terry King tells The Star Press the makeup times are the least disruptive. King says other options were to extend the semester or take time away from spring break.

The students' petition had nearly 800 signatures by Friday morning. The students argue that many of them have weekend jobs and needed an advance notice to schedule off from work. Other students said they didn't want to give up their weekend to make up classes.

University officials said the federal government requires a certain amount of credit hours per semester and that the days must be made up.

The classes will be made up during the Friday evenings of Jan. 31 and Feb. 7 and the Saturdays of Feb. 1 and Feb. 8.

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