VIDEO: 16-year-old murder suspect of father-to-be laughs his way into court

Adams faces murder charges in Trapuzzano's death

INDIANAPOLIS - Simeon Adams, the suspect arrested in the homicide of Nathan Trapuzzano,  was all smiles and laughs as he made his way into court Thursday morning to face serious violent felonies in two separate shootings.

Police arrested Adams, 16, on Tuesday -- one week after Trapuzzano, 24, was killed while on his morning walk along 16th Street. Even Adams' family picked him out of the surveillance video as the person stalking Trapuzzano, authorities said.

Investigators said Adams ordered Trapuzzano behind a tire store and then shot him in cold blood during a botched robbery on April 1.

Just days earlier, Adams is accused of shooting another man after an altercation at a Famous Steak & Lemonade shop near 29th and Martin Luther King Jr. streets on March 30.

"My heart and prayers go out to him. It could have been me. It could have been two murders. I still feel sad about it. I'm just glad he's off the street," the victim said after Adams’ arrest. "He should stay locked up. He did a murder. It could have been two. There wouldn't have been anyone around to point him out."


Over the past six years, juvenile prosecutors have charged Adams with 29 serious and violent crimes for which he only spent 50 days behind bars.

According to court documents, Adams used a stolen gun in Trapuzzano's killing. Investigators said Adams and another man are accused of stealing several firearms last month from C & C Midwest Firearms in Clermont.

Rev. Charles Harrison with the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition said he chased Adams and a group of teens out of a gas station parking lot last week. He said Adams had a gun in his hoodie.

"We called 911 because we wanted to alert the police that this young man and some of the other young men that was with him had guns on them," Harrison said.

Adams has been in handcuffs on and off since 2007. Arrest reports indicate he has continued to get caught with guns, drugs and various stolen goods for years.

Adams’ two gun arrests were both in 2013. In October, police said he was caught with a stolen pistol after he and a friend were zipping around on a scooter near 29th and Harding streets.

Two months later in December, Adams was caught with another gun. Police said Kimberly Franklin's car was stolen as she fueled up at the Sunoco gas station on MLK Jr. Street. When the car was found, Adams was nearby with marijuana and a loaded .38-special pistol, police said.

"It's terrible. I just feel sorry for his parents and all of the people. Who knows how many people that he's affected besides me. All of this stuff didn't come out until now," Franklin said.

In another arrest last year, Adams was caught carrying a flat-screen TV from a home that had just been burglarized near West 31st Street, records said. Police said he was wearing latex gloves during that crime.

Adams was caught in another stolen car in July and was released to his father without facing any charges.

Before all of those arrests, police were called to the Indianapolis Math and Science Academy on West 38th Street in 2009 as Adams was being expelled from the eighth grade for causing trouble and threatening to kill himself, police said.

Adams’ troubled past dates as far back as 2007 when he was 9 years old. Police said he and three friends were arrested for tossing huge rocks onto traffic from the Interstate-65 bridge at MLK Street.


Adams' trips to the Juvenile Detention Center are over and he will begin another trip through the criminal justice system, but this time as an adult.

Adams is being held without bond at the Marion County Jail. He faces charges of murder and attempted murder in the two separate shootings. He also faces charges of attempted robbery and carrying a handgun without a license.

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