Smart software to improve Fishers traffic flow

System will control stoplights in real time

FISHERS, Ind. - The fast-growing town of Fishers has a traffic problem, but a smart traffic light control system is about to make the commute shorter and more efficient.

Named one of the best and safest places to live in America, that reputation has brought both people and traffic to Fishers.

Fishers town officials noticed the stop-and-go traffic problem and found a solution. A $2.4 million smart traffic control system will improve traffic flow on some of the town’s busiest roads.

"Instead of someone physically changing the time of the signal, it will change in real time. Our engineering director can use his iPad and adjust timings on the fly if need be," Fishers Town Manager Scott Fadness said.

Workers are installing the traffic control system at 39 intersections, including 116th Street and Lantern Road, and drivers know how terrible traffic can be most times of the day.

"Right here at the highway and going through the town of Fishers, it's always congested, so if they can reconfigure that or restructure the lights, it would be great," driver Ron Wright said.

Parts of 96th Street, 116th Street and Allisonville Road are getting the first signal upgrades. Devices wired into the intersections communicate with other intersections to adapt to heavier traffic volume. The result is fewer red lights and backups.

"This is a new application to Indiana, but it's been deployed to several states and they've seen up to a 17 percent increase in traffic efficiency by just tying these lights together," Fadness said.

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