Snow-covered fire hydrants pose widespread safety risk

Officials ask for help digging out hydrants

INDIANAPOLIS - The plows have been pushing all the snow off the roads to keep travel safe for drivers, but the snow piles themselves are creating a safety risk.

With fire hydrants placed about every 500 feet in most neighborhoods, snow-covered hydrants are a wide-spread problem right now that could affect anyone.

"Any other time this could cause a big problem if we have to have water supply, if the water that we're carrying on our apparatus isn't going to be enough and there's a delay in getting hooked up to this hydrant," said Capt. Michael Pruitt, with the Wayne Township Fire Department. "It could cost lives or serious injury, and we don't want to see that happen."

The snow piles won't be melting any time soon since temperatures are going to remain below freezing at least for the rest of the week, so firefighters say it's extra important that people help them out.

"Just simply coming out with a shovel, getting it nice and clear so there's plenty of space for us to hang up our hoses will make a huge difference if we do have any emergencies," Pruitt said.

Firefighters patrol around their stations, looking for covered hydrants and digging them out, but Pruitt said they can't possibly get to every neighborhood.

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