Snow plow stolen; trail of damage remains

INDIANAPOLIS - Thieves left behind a trail of damage after stealing an expensive snow plow that was attached to a work truck.

The snow plow blade, valued at $6,000, was not the only item stolen in the Monday crime on Lismore South Drive, on the south side of Indianapolis near U.S. Highway 31 and West Stop 12 Road.

The owner told police his snow plow blade was unhooked and removed from his red truck, which was parked under a carport at the apartment complex.

But the thieves did not stop there.

The driver's side window was shattered so that the crooks could disconnect and remove the control panel used to raise and adjust the snow plow from inside the cab.

While they were at it, police said the bandits apparently backed their own truck into the carport, leaving that structure damaged as well.

A split board remains visible just above the spot where the snow plow was stolen.

Coincidentally, it has been a rough week for the carports at that apartment complex.

A nearby carport is now reduced to piles of shingles and splintered wood, after a resident said her husband accidentally rammed a trailer into it and brought it crashing down on his truck.

No one was hurt.

Police have made no arrests in the snow plow caper.

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