Snow, winter weary Indiana residents prepare for another round

Hoosiers eager for spring

INDIANAPOLIS - You wouldn't know it from being out on Saturday, but a winter storm will soon bear down on central Indiana.

Sunny skies pushed temperatures to about 50 degrees, but with winter returning with a vengeance, Hoosiers are winter weather weary.

Earlier this week, central Indiana had high temperatures in the low 30s, more than 20 degrees below normal for this time of year.

Last year around this time, record highs in the mid 80s were being set.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works and Indiana Department of Transportation planned to have a full slate of crews available to tackle the snow.

DPW planned to have 90 drivers on the roads overnight, with INDOT was set to put 68 drivers on the road beginning at 4 a.m. Sunday. Drivers aren't used to snowfall potential this late.

"This is pretty rare. It really is," said Stephanie Sample, DPW spokeswoman. "Thankfully, we have some really good crews, and if they weren't hitting the snow, they'd be hitting potholes."

Even though the winter has been long and cold, Sample said DPW said its budget is in good shape.

"We haven't seen outrageous amounts of snowfall. So, we're in pretty good shape for snow. In terms of overtime hours, we're on par," she said.

Pat Sullivan, of Sullivan Hardware, said shoppers are thinking spring, not winter.

"Everybody is so ready to move on to spring. So at this point, no, we're not selling a lot of shovels," Sullivan said.

As volunteers mulched, landscaped and spruced up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park on Saturday to sweep away what winter washed in, they weren't pleased to hear more winter is on the way.

"I think if I were a bear, I'd go back into my cave and hibernate for another week," said volunteer Caitlin Poe. "The snow coming does not make me happy."

"The biggest challenge with the snow is just all the debris that builds up throughout the winter months," said Zachary Holmes, of the Kennedy King Neighborhood Association.

Still, organizers were happy Saturday was nice.

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