Social media abuzz with pictures, unverified info in Purdue shootings

Pics, info, some false, circulate online

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Social media was abuzz Tuesday with pictures and information, some of it false, from the Purdue University campus, where a man was killed and one person was taken into custody.

Pictures of men with guns were posted on Twitter, with some readers mistakenly believing the pictures were of the shooter.

Authorities later said many of the pictures circulating online were of police officers responding to the shooting.

Determining what was legitimate and what was not was nearly impossible in the aftermath of the shooting, amid a flood of tweets and retweets of many of the same images, with sources of the images often unclear and context lacking.

Information from the campus and police was initially sparse as officials were themselves trying to determine what was happening and how to deal with it.

Numerous false reports were also in social feeds, including erroneous reports of multiple shooters.

Information about the shooting was collated through numerous hashtags, including #purdueshooting and #prayforpurdue.

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