Some roads still icy, snowy after storm

Mayor: Biggest help will be Mother Nature

INDIANAPOLIS - The winter weather left behind a layer of snow and ice on city streets, and many drivers are still seeing problems four days after the storm. 

Some side and neighborhood streets are still packed with snow while even some main roads, like Meridian Street, are still grasping to patches of ice.

Mayor Greg Ballard said despite removal efforts from road crews, the ice could still be there for a while.

"It’s still really icy, bumpy. I drive a Jeep here and it still catches and slides all over the place," driver Lacey Corn said.

Some drivers said parts of Meridian Street felt almost like an off-road experience, jarring cars and commuters.

Hoosiers were left asking why other streets and highways offered much smoother sailing.

"Sometimes it’s just the way the salt falls and sometimes it’s the sunshine frankly... the sunshine did not work because it was clouded, if you will, by buildings and that sort of thing," Ballard said. "These guys are working their tails off out there. I hate to see anybody criticize them because they are just working so hard out there and then they are at the mercy of the elements."

Ballard praised the work of plow drivers this week, saying they've pulled out all the stops and poured out all the salt they could to keep conditions passable. But the biggest help will come from what caused the harm -- Mother Nature.

"It’s just going to take some temperature and some time and some crushing to get those out of there," Ballard said.

Another concern for city leaders is what will come once the ice melts – namely flooding and potholes.

Ballard said residents can help by clearing the drains in front of their house and calling the Mayor’s Action Center if there are backups.

City officials are making their own preparations.

"We're doing sandbags right now. We are doing sandbags. We have been for a couple days anticipating this," Ballard said.

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