Some school districts turn to e-learning to make up snow days

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. - Of all the Indiana schools that need to make up for lost snow days, Zionsville is on the shortlist of districts that have the resources to do it on a virtual level.

On the Zionsville district website, students have access to e-learning curriculum. In addition to their regular class work, they will need to complete the online assignments to make up for one snow day.

Chad Smith is the principal at Pleasant View Elementary. He says he's eager to see how students adapt to e-learning.

"It's going to help us make up three days," Smith said.

If students need help, teachers are available after school and on Saturdays to answer questions.

The school's computer lab will be open this weekend too.

"When the opportunity popped up it was like, wow , this is a great win-win for our kids, our community, our stakeholders and the future of our kids," Smith said.

The near-future for Noblesville High School looks much the same. They got practice earlier this year as part of a pilot program. Students stayed home and with iPads in hand to complete daily assignments.

Noblesville High School Principal Jeff Bryant said e-learning is very efficient.

"It absolutely was a no-brainer. We were already doing it and the state allowed us to do it as a way to make those days up," Bryant said.

School districts that aren't equipped for e-learning are making up snow days on holidays or Saturdays in order to reach the state-mandated 180 days of instruction before summer break.

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