Son makes impassioned plea to find mother's killer

Kathleen Clark was killed by driver in hit-and-run

INDIANAPOLIS - The son of a woman killed Sunday in a hit-and-run accident made an impassioned plea to find the person responsible for the death of his mother.

Kathleen Clark, 63, was killed after walking a mile and a half to watch her friend perform at a local pub.

Clark’s body was discovered in a grassy area near the street Monday morning.

Clark’s family said it was common for the mother and grandmother to walk to businesses near her home, and Sunday night was not unusual.

The family is ready to find the person responsible and hold them accountable for her death.

“They’re hiding now. I believe that. They know they’re hiding and I hope that the guilt is eating at them so bad now like it’s eating at me,” said Clark’s son, Rick Clark.

Police are looking for a 1997-2004 light-colored Ford F-150 pickup truck with a camper shell that may have been removed.

The truck may also have damage to its front-right side, and it likely has a broken headlight.

“There was some damage to the vehicle, and it was from the damage left at the scene that we were able to ascertain that that’s the vehicle we’re looking for,” said Sgt. Linda Jackson.

A makeshift memorial is all that remains at the scene.

“There’s a body shop. There’s a repair shop. There’s somebody getting work done on this vehicle and they’re doing it quickly. They’re hiding this vehicle. They know who they are. Someone knows who they are,” Clark said.

Police ask anyone with information to call 262-TIPS.

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