Southport Presbyterian Church invested in south side explosion relief for long haul

Church hosting Thanksgiving dinner for victims

INDIANAPOLIS - Monday night's meeting at Southport Presbyterian Church was the latest in a series of meetings held to help families get back on their feet, and one of the elders said their doors will remain open for as long as victims need help.

Elder Cindy McClain said Southport Presbyterian Church has been very busy since the November blast.

The church's dining hall now serves as a supply pantry, care management personnel are on site and the church even organized a centralized donation website.

McClain said this is just the beginning.

"I think the magnitude is maybe just getting to settle in," she said. "Their thoughts are fractured, if you will, from day to day. It's hard to look at the long term. This is long term, and this church is in for the long term."

Other faith-based organizations are stepping in to help.

"I have shoes and a lot of coats and a lot of bags and clothing and everything," said day care provider Geri Patterson. "We just wanted to donate things that we weren't using, the things that we had, to help these people out."
Survivors lost so much in the explosion, but in the season of Thanksgiving, McClain said there is much to be thankful for.

"They've still got family, they still have each other. I think that they are counting their blessings," she said.

The church is hosting a Thanksgiving holiday dinner Friday for blast victims.

Members of St. Luke's United Methodist Church will provide the meals.

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