Speeding motorists concern south-side residents

Police say officers are making extra patrols

INDIANAPOLIS - Residents of a south-side neighborhood are concerned for the safety of their children because motorists are speeding through their streets.

Neighbors said they have called police about the problem, but nothing has changed. Police said they have responded by making extra patrols in the area.

A neighborhood full of children is the only motivation one mother needs to try to slow the problem.

The signs in Darlene Mosby’s neighborhood declare a speed limit of 30 mph. But she said what she sees has her worried.

"They fly down through here. I know they got to be doing 50, 60 miles an hour down through here sometimes," Mosby said.

Mosby is a mother of three. Her family lives on Talbott Street, which is where she said a car sped by and ran over one of her family dogs on Easter.

The pet affectionately known as Poopy is now buried in their back yard. The children are mourning their friend while the adults in the neighborhood are realizing how the situation could have been worse.

"What if that would have been one of the kids, I mean that could have taken out anybody's child out here," Mosby said.

"We've got problems, not just with cars, but with motorcycles and scooters, and they just fly back and forth, you know, and sometimes they do it all day long," neighbor Clifford Schuck said.

Neighbors think the speeding has to do with the distance between area stop signs. Mosby said she is considering asking the city to install speed bumps.

Mosby called police this week to request extra patrols. Officials say they've been coming, but Mosby said she hasn't seen them yet.

Police said they encourage the public to call with similar issues. They ask that callers provide specific information about speeding vehicles, including the make/model and color, to help them track the vehicles down.

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