IMPD: Suspicious item in Coke Lot identified as fireworks

Police: If you see something, say something

INDIANAPOLIS - Police with the Speedway Police Department were investigating suspicious activity at the Coke Lot at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday afternoon, officials said.

State police and a bomb squad were investigating near 30th Street and Georgetown Road around 2:30 p.m. after reports of a suspicious item found near a creek.

Authorities stopped all traffic in and out of the lot.

Officials said the suspicious device was found to be consumer-grade fireworks and police used a bomb robot to investigate, said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Rick Hite.

Homeland Security and the Indianapolis Fire Department were also at the scene.

"The response time was amazing. Within minutes, there had to be hundreds of officers, so I felt safe, but a little nervous," said a witness of the events.

Officials said the person who notified police of the suspicious item did the right thing. Police encourage anyone who sees something to say something.

Authorities said they will investigate every report of possible threats to anyone's safety.

"I don't think it's unnecessary with the wake of what happened in Boston. I think regardless, we have to keep our city safe and year, it might be inconvenient, but what if it wouldn't have been fireworks," the witness said.

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