Lawsuit filed by missing IU student Lauren Spierer's parents heads to federal court

Lawsuit was originally filed in Monroe Co.

MONROE COUNTY, Ind. - The parents of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer have filed a lawsuit against the three men who they believe might be responsible for her disappearance and possible death.

Robert and Charlene Spierer originally filed the lawsuit in Monroe County on May 31, 2013, but it was moved to federal court June 20.

Spierer has been missing for more than two years. She disappeared after a night of drinking in Bloomington. Her body was never found.

The lawsuit was filed against the three people that were known to be with her that night -- Corey Rossman, Jason Rosenbaum and Michael Beth.

Spierer's parents claim in the lawsuit that the three men knew Spierer was extremely drunk, they provided her with alcohol and that the alcohol was the proximate cause of her disappearance, injury and death.

The document claims that Beth observed that Spierer was extremely intoxicated and witnessed Rossman encourage her to join him at Kilroy's Sports Bar in order to consume more alcohol.

According to the lawsuit, witnesses observed Spierer in a "distressed, incoherent and nonresponsive state" with Rossman near an elevator in Smallwood Plaza. When Rossman was confronted by those individuals, he started a physical confrontation with them, the lawsuit said. 

"Rossman did not assist Spierer into her apartment, which was less than 100 yards from the elevator, but was observed shortly thereafter assisting Spierer away from Smallwood and through an alley in the direction of his residence," the lawsuit said.

The document went on to say that Rossman carried Spierer across his back to his residence. Beth, who was Rossman's roommate at the time, found Rossman and Spierer in their residence at around 3:30 a.m., the lawsuit said.

Spierer's parents said in the lawsuit that Beth was concerned about Spierer's intoxicated state and tried to convince her to sleep on their couch, but Spierer wanted to go back to her apartment. Instead of helping her back to her apartment, Beth escorted Spierer to Rosenbaum's residence, the lawsuit said.

Rosenbaum contacted mutual friends to take Spierer home, but was unsuccessful, and he allowed her to leave his residence on her own at 4:30 a.m. toward the direction of 11th Street and College Avenue, the document said.

According to the lawsuit, Rosenbaum was the last known person with Spierer while she was alive.

"A camera located along Spierer's return route to Smallwood Plaza at 10th Street and College Avenue never captured any images of Spierer," the document said.

The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages.

"Rob and Charlene Spierer authorized the filing of this lawsuit with great reluctance and only after we counseled them that they would lost certain legal rights if not exercised by the two-year anniversary of Lauren's disappearance. We hope no one will misinterpret this action. Any parent in search of information about a missing child would use every resource available to them. Therefore, we intend to use the rights afforded by the civil justice system to obtain answers to questions that have gone unanswered for too long. We fully expect that those with relevant information will cooperate with this process," said Jason Barclay, an attorney for the Spierers.

Greg Garrison, Beth's attorney, declined to comment on the suit.

See the entire lawsuit here.

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