State asks to suspend Wagoner Medical Center doctors' licenses

26 patient deaths linked to clinic, state claims

KOKOMO, Ind. - Four Indiana doctors linked to dangerous practices at a Kokomo clinic could have their medical licenses suspended.

Wagoner Medical Center physicians -- Dr. Don Wagoner, his wife Dr. Marilyn Wagoner, Dr. William Terpstra, and Dr. Robert Brewer -- are under fire with Attorney General Greg Zoeller for dangerous prescribing practices and unsafe drug mixes.

The AG's office says its investigation revealed high prescribing rates for controlled pain medications and 26 patient deaths resulting from multiple drug toxicity linked to the clinic.

The medical licensing board will consider all four of the petitions for suspension at its next meeting on April 25.

In the meantime, Dr. Don Wagoner and his wife Dr. Marilyn Wagoner, have agreed to stop writing prescriptions for controlled substances, though they can continue to practice medicine.


"The evidence we have involving the 26 deaths directly linked to prescribing of controlled substances," said Deputy Attorney General Gabrielle Owens. "By restricting Doctor Wagoner and Doctor Wagoner's ability to prescribe substances, it directly addresses what we believe caused the deaths of 26 individuals."
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