State Attorney General Greg Zoeller wants more funding for school resource officers

INDIANAPOLIS - Attorney General Greg Zoeller says he's pushing for more federal funding for a popular school safety program.

In Indiana, 116 schools received state grants last year to hire school resource officers. Total state funding for the program stands at $20 million over two years.

But, Zoeller said, there's still a need for more school resource officers.

"Once people realize the value of this, not just in the current need to protect our students, but in the long term relationship building, I think it will be something that everyone finds the resources to continue to fund," Zoeller said.

Ultimately, a decision on that funding will be up to Congress.

Zoeller also said he's getting questions from lawmakers about a proposed ban on same-sex marriage in the Indiana State Constitution, but that he can't comment on those discussions due to attorney-client confidentiality. 

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