State Board of Education adjusts requirements for adjunct teachers

Adjunct teachers do not require teaching license

INDIANAPOLIS - The state Board of Education fine-tuned the requirements for adjunct teachers Wednesday.

Adjunct teachers are not required to have a teaching degree to teach in Indiana middle schools and high schools.

The changes that were approved Wednesday do require professional development training on the job.

State School Board member Tony Walker said the adjunct teacher option is for aeronautical engineers or welders that a school district may want to hire.

“No one across the state will be required to have adjunct teachers. If you don’t want them, and you are fine, you don’t have to have them. Those school corporations that would like to experiment with bringing content professionals into the classroom have the flexibility to do so,” Walker said.

The adjunct teacher program was approved on Dec. 5, but the board has since fine-tuned the requirements.

The adjunct teachers get a 5-year permit, but must complete a pedagogy component during those five years in order to have that license renewed.

“Knowledge and some skills in classroom management, instructional techniques, differentiated instruction assessment. Many of those things will help them be better teachers and will benefit the students in the classroom,” said Risa Regnier, Director of Education & Licensing Development.

Superintendent-elect Glenda Ritz doesn’t believe the adjunct teacher requirements are strong enough.

“Even though they’ve added a pedagogy component there, I think there is still a concern about when that will be done and implemented. Whether it will be done in the first year of the teacher’s service and how adjunct teachers will be given a 5-year license rather than a 2-year license,” Ritz said.

Ritz said when she takes over, she might propose to change the length of the license to a shorter term.

The discussion about adjunct teachers does not affect traditionally-trained teachers.

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