State: Error delays teacher evaluations

State sent messages to districts last week

INDIANAPOLIS - Another glitch at the Indiana Department of Education is causing delays in teacher evaluations.

In a message sent to school districts last week, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz confirmed the error in calculations for English/Language Arts scores.

Growth percentile calculations were specifically addressed in the message.

The department has asked all districts to stop teacher evaluations until the error is fixed.

Ritz addressed the situation in a video that was sent to school districts.

"I am as frustrated as you that this error needs to be corrected, which impacts your finalization of teacher evaluations. But, given the size of the error, and the level of importance placed on this data for teacher evaluation and compensation, I hope you understand my need for this request," Ritz said.

The department expects to have the new scores issued to schools on Wednesday.

The following message accompanied the video sent to school district officials:

The Department of Education requests that you immediately pause the finalization of teacher evaluations that are dependent upon student growth percentile calculations. We have identified an error in the English/Language Arts growth percentile calculations. The correction of the data could result in changes to the student growth percentile data and the Educator Effectiveness ratings based on that data.

This error was discovered through our investigative response based upon communications with the field. We are working diligently to correct the error; new growth percentile data and updated educator effectiveness ratings will be available on Wednesday, December 18th. The data release will highlight those individual effectiveness ratings that changed. On this date, we will also release negative impact reports.

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