State Fair scammer Stephanie Murry violates 2nd plea deal, headed to prison

Murry gets prison time

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman who was given a second chance to avoid jail time after taking money meant for victims of the Indiana State Fair stage rigging collapse is now headed to prison.

Stephanie Murry, 26, has been arrested again after she walked away from an Indianapolis work-release program, court officials confirm.

Murry pleaded guilty to one count of forgery after falsifying records and submitting a claim for $2,900 from the Indiana Tort Claim Fund following the Aug. 13, 2011, collapse that killed seven people and injured dozens more.

In October, she agreed to a sentence of four years, but the deal was voided when she didn't show up at community corrections.

Weeks later, Murry reached another deal for a four-year sentence, including three years executed on work release and one year on probation.

She was told at the time that if she got into trouble with the law or violated the work-release conditions, she could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.

She had been serving her three year work release sentence at Crain House, a facility for women and their young children, but she apparently did not understand the gravity of her situation.

In her room at Crain House she had articles about her crime on the wall in her room with stars next to it, as if she was proud of what she did, a Crain House employee told RTV6.


The last straw for Murry was her failure to produce a urine sample for a drug test. She also disappeared and her whereabouts were unaccounted for more than eight hours.

Murry appeared in court Thursday and was ordered to serve nearly three years in prison.

Murry's aunt, Sandra Hurn, 38, who claimed to be an 11-year-old girl trampled by crowds and was given $7,500 check from the remembrance fund, was sentenced to two years on home detention and two years on probation for a guilty plea to forgery.

Hurn has since been re-arrested during her time on home detention, which could void her deal as well. She will appear in court Friday.

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