State police investigating report of sexual assault inside Marion County Jail

Male, female inmates mistakenly put in same cell

INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana State Police are investigating a report that a woman was sexually assaulted in the Marion County Jail after being mistakenly put in the same cell as a male inmate.

"The deputy who transferred the male into the cell block, here was asked by the male prisoner for a writing tool. He left and went to the control area and got the pen and took it back and he discovered it," Deputy Chief Eva Talley-Sanders said.

Officials told RTV6 reporter Jack Rinehart that within minutes of the inmates being placed in the same cell on Wednesday evening, jail personnel interrupted sexual activity between the two.

The male inmate, who was arrested on an auto theft charge, denies that the encounter was assault and says he had the woman's consent.

The female inmate, who was arrested on prostitution charges, said she did not give consent.

Marion County Sheriff John Layton asked ISP to investigate "in order to ensure that an outside agency provides an independent review," he said.

Internal affairs investigators will also evaluate the incident.

"There can be no excuse for this incident," Layton said. "I shall take corrective action."

The female inmate was evaluated at the hospital following the incident, and she has since been transported to a jail in a different county.

No deputies had been suspended or placed on leave. The police will present their findings to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.

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