State tax returns to undergo new ID verification process

Process will protect Hoosiers from identity theft

INDIANAPOLIS - Before an Indiana state tax refund check is issued this year, every Hoosier return will undergo a new
verification process.

The Indiana Department of Revenue will be processing every filed return through an identity verification service known as LexisNexis.

The state says of the 3.2 million returns filed, about 2.5 million involve people who are eligible for a refund. The agency has about 1,500 open cases in which people are dealing with the impact of identity theft.

"By taking the steps we are taking this year, we do anticipate we will be able to identify several thousand tax returns that are being subject to identity theft. We want to stop those," said Department of Revenue Commissioner Mike Alley.

The Department of Revenue expects 90 percent of all returns to be fine and in ten percent of the cases,
Hoosiers will get a letter telling them they can confirm their information through a website or phone call, RTV6's Rafael Sanchez reported.

Some Hoosiers will randomly get verification letters even though they have not been the victim of identity theft.

Even with the new system, the agency expects refunds from electronic returns to
Be made within 10 to 14 business days.

Commissioner Alley will talk exclusively about the new program this Sunday on "Indianapolis This Week" which airs at 8:30 a.m. on RTV6.

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