Stephen Delph: Brother, Sen. Mike Delph, being misconstrued

'He's being taken out of context'

INDIANAPOLIS - People don't call Mike and Stephen Delph the odd couple for nothing, according to Stephen.

Stephen is at odds with his younger brother, Indiana State Senator Mike Delph (R-Carmel), when it comes to his position on same-sex marriage.

But, Stephen says, Mike has never judged him since he announced he was gay in the mid-1980s . In fact, Mike and their brother John went out of their way to protect him from bullies while attending Carmel schools.

And that bond continued after graduation, according to Stephen.

"Let me tell you a little-known secret," Stephen told RTV6. "One of my brother's best friends at IU came out of the closet, and he tried to set me up to be his boyfriend. But that should tell you something about not agreeing with a gay couple, and his religious beliefs in the sanctity of marriage."

UPDATE: After the 6 p.m. interview aired, Sen. Mike Delph sent a text in response to what his brother said about him arranging a date with a college friend that was gay.

Mr. Delph texted this message, "For the record, I never set my brother up or did anything to promote his lifestyle. He was on drugs and in and out of jail and the people he hung out with were very destructive and unhealthy. I wanted him to meet less crazy folks within his community.”

On Thursday, Sen. Delph's attempt to get HJR-3, a proposed amendment to the Indiana constitution banning same-sex marriage, on the November ballot failed.

He and opponents of HJR-3 then engaged in a war of words on Twitter that lasted several days .

In an e-mail to RTV6, Sen. Delph called on "God-fearing patriots to stand up and fight for our culture and our traditional Judeo-Christian values."

Stephen says he does not think his brother is a bigot or homophobic.

"He's being misconstrued and taken out of context," Stephen said. "I feel he feels strongly about his convictions about gay marriage."

The Delph family has expressed concern over the vulgar language used against Sen. Delph's children. Stephen said he would prefer the commentary stick to the policy debate – not personal attacks on children.

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