Stifling heat pushes Frankfort High School to dismiss students early

FRANKFORT, Ind. - The intense heat has eased up a bit, but it's still hot enough to impact some schools.

For a second straight day Thursday, Frankfort High School in Clinton County dismissed students early, and you might call it a residual effect from Wednesday.

Buses rolled into Frankfort High School an hour and a half earlier than usual Thursday afternoon.

But it's not the outside temperatures that are sweltering: It's not as hot as yesterday and there is a good breeze helping to cool things down. It's what's going on inside the school that has administrators concerned.

As that heat has been trapped into the classrooms, administrators said in some classes it can get up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

“It just really hasn't escaped as well as we would have liked,” administrator Joel McKinney said. “It's a warm day again inside the classrooms. It really hasn't cooled off enough. On days like today we have to make those kinds of calls.”

Teachers and staff made sure the students stay hydrated and they said they did what they could to try to make it comfortable.

The heat took its toll on everybody in the school. Students and teachers told us they couldn’t concentrate, they couldn't think straight, and all they could think about is lying down and cooling off with a fan.

Marlen Alanis is just glad her language class isn't any later in the day.

“I have French fourth period and it starts to get pretty warm by then,” Alanis said. “By the ones that have it fifth period, it's pretty hot for them.”

Even though the early dismissal means missed class time, it can still be a lesson in perseverance for the students.

Frankfort school administrators don't have to worry about whether they'll let out early Friday because of the heat. There's already a scheduled a half-hour early dismissal for teacher curricular assessments.

And because Monday is a holiday, they hope the school will have a chance to cool down over the long weekend. 

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