Several students suspended after classroom 'sexting' controversy

Parents, students upset about missed finals

FRANKLIN, Ind. - Several Franklin Community High School students have been suspended for five days following a "sexting" controversy.

School administrators say they took action when a circulating picture of a partially nude student caused a major classroom disruption.

"He was like, 'You're getting suspended because you showed your friend. You did it at school,' and I said, 'Well this isn't sexting,'" said Malarie Cottrill, a 17-year-old student at the school who was suspended. "He said, 'Yeah, it's sexting, but she has her underwear on and she did it at home so she's not getting in trouble." 

Cottrill and several of her classmates are in trouble for sharing the picture.

"She sent it to a guy and then a guy sent it to another guy and it was just a chain reaction," said Cotrill.

Cottrill and her mom, Margie Skiles, along with other parents of suspended kids who contacted RTV6 say a five-day suspension is extreme, especially right before finals.

"For her struggling as it is now, for her to miss the most important part of the year is what upsets me the most," Skiles said. "She didn't ask to receive the picture, it was sent to her."

"I am missing study time for my finals and chances to get a good grade that can probably pass me," said Cotrill.

School administrators said students showed the picture, in class, and they only punished those students who shared the image.

Franklin Community High School Principal Doug Harter said the students will receive no academic penalty following their suspensions and will get a chance to take all missed finals on May 31.

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