Study finds unsafe conditions in IMPD's East District building

More than 200 police and personnel work at site

INDIANAPOLIS - A study of the Metropolitan Police East District Roll Call site has uncovered widespread deficiencies and unsafe conditions.

On Wednesday, the building was closed to the 224 police officers and civilian personnel who work at East District so the contractor could upgrade the fire alarm system and install more fire and smoke detection equipment.

City officials claimed the building had widespread code and health and safety issues. The facility’s developer and contractor had not corrected the deficiencies.

“Work requires permits and inspections before it could be occupied. In this instance, there was work that exceeded the scope of the permits that was not approved by our office. That’s what we’re in the process of remedying at this time,” said Adam Collins from the Department of Code Enforcement.

Indianapolis firefighters have maintained a fire watch on the district headquarters since early October, which has come at a $100,000 expense to taxpayers.

Public safety personnel moved in a year ago, but the building’s safety and fire suppression system remained questionable.

“I want to know this system is right. I don’t want to assume it’s right. I don’t want to be inside that building and have a fire and I think it’s going to work and I think it gets coverage. I want someone to put in writing that it will do what it’s designed to do,” said Fire Marshal Fred Pervine.

Last fall, the Department of Code Enforcement issued stop-work orders for structural work, heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical work.

The city wants a date from the contractor when repairs and safety standards will be met.

“A date would suffice for me and to see an end to it, instead of constantly having a fire watch. I won’t rest comfortably until I know that the building is safe and secure,” Pervine said.

Code Enforcement officials said the inspector who supervised the construction is no longer employed by the city.

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