Suburb's residents sit uneasy as police continue search for women's killer

WESTFIELD, Ind. - The search for a person of interest continues in the slayings of a mother and daughter in their Hamilton County home.

Three days after their bodies were found, police said they don’t have a suspect in the brutal Westfield homicides -- only a person of interest, who has yet to be identified.

Monday night, police said they’re working all leads and tips, trying to find the person who killed Marylyn Erb and her daughter Kelley in a break-in.

All police are saying now is the investigation continues -- but people who live near the Erbs’ home near 161st Street and Oak Park Court are looking for answers.

The man police want to speak with was captured on camera in a store in the Lawrence area. Police are not saying why this man is a person of interest, however.

"We're looking at leads, we're looking at tips -- and (all) I can tell you is we've been working this around the clock since Friday," Westfield police spokesman Charles Hollowell said.

Friday is when police said a break-in robbery happened, resulting in the killings of the Erbs. The two women died from blunt-force trauma, police said Sunday.

Investigators handed out flyers Monday to people driving by the Erbs’ neighborhood, asking for help in solving the crime. Still, some are feeling afraid in this quiet suburb.

"When the crime was first reported, Westfield police said the community had nothing to fear, but now we've been told it was a home invasion,” Westfield resident Dawn Easterbrook said. “So now I know several people who are wondering why we were told we had nothing to fear."

In short, nearby residents can describe the situation with one word: Scary.

People are wondering if this was a random act of violence that took two lives. Police have said the husband of Marylyn and father of Kelley, Todd Erb, is not a suspect. RTV6 learned he is part owner of a Hamilton County nursery that is closed until the first of the year.

“It’s happening everywhere, it seems, but to have it happen (there) -- there’s such a tight-knit community,” Noblesville resident Jane Mosbaugh said.

Westfield police are hoping the community will help in solving this crime. Investigators have repeated that if residents see someone suspicious, even if it’s not on your property, they should call police to report it.

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