'Survive Alive' teaches fire safety, awareness

INDIANAPOLIS - Working smoke detectors save lives – that's the key take-away from the Indianapolis Fire Department's "Survive Alive" program.

In addition to handing out smoke detectors, the Indianapolis Fire Department spend Saturday teaching parents like Teale Rhodes how to protect their families.

"This morning, I was thinking about a fire drill, so I went into the TV room, and I yelled 'fire' just really, really loud," Rhodes said. "And immediately my nephew Patrick- --he went into a karate stance from his karate class. And Nadia stopped and froze, stopped dropped and rolled all over the floor."   

Rhodes said it was an eye-opening experience that pushed her to bring her daughter and nephew to IFD's interactive open house.

As part of the "Survive Alive" event, firefighters stressed the importance of creating a family evacuation plan. And the department showed children how to put the plan into action.

"The time to practice is prior to having a fire; the time to talk to your kids is prior to having a fire, because we don't ever want anyone to have a fire in their home," said IFD Capt. Rita Reith.

Firefighters also reminded people that it's not enough to install the detectors – you have to test them twice a year and change the battery as well.

A good time to do that, they say, is on the Daylight Saving Time switchover, the spring event of which happens Sunday morning.

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