Suspected burglars accused of multiple Hamilton County break-ins

Pair likely responsible for at least 5 burglaries

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. - Hamilton County authorities said they have two suspects in custody who are responsible for multiple break-ins.

Amy Price, 38, and Aaron Harlow, 30, face initial charges of burglary and theft for their alleged involvement in a month-long crime spree.

Officials with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said Price told detectives she and Harlow were responsible for five residential burglaries in the past month in White River and Noblesville townships.

The pair was involved in a residential burglary in Noblesville on Tuesday that was interrupted by the homeowner, police said.

The homeowner was able to get a vehicle description so police could catch the suspects.

Police were able to track down Price. She told detectives that Harlow was in on the residential burglaries too.

"We can track these particular folks down to at least five of seven burglaries that we're aware of in the last month and a half, so it's entirely possible that there are other folks involved," Hamilton County Sheriff Mark Bowen said.

Police are still investigating the extent of the crime spree. Authorities said the suspects might not be admitting to all of their crimes.

Police used pawn shop records to track down some of the stolen items, but are still trying to figure out everything that was stolen during the break-ins.

Officials said the suspects were stealing to pay for their drugs. Police said drug abuse is becoming a bigger problem in Hamilton County.

Harlow and Price remain at the Hamilton County Jail. Both suspects are expected to be formally charged Thursday.

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