Officer fires shots at suspects after their car hit him

Suspects called police about involvement

INDIANAPOLIS - Authorities were investigating after a police officer fired shots at suspects after they hit him with a car early Wednesday morning on the city’s south side.

Officials said the incident happened in the 7200 block of McFarland Road just after 1 a.m.

Investigators believe the unidentified officer was at home with his wife when the officer heard a noise outside the front door.

The officer’s wife looked outside and saw two suspects who the couple believed were attempting to break into the home, police said.

She told her husband, who is a reserve officer with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and he picked up his service weapon and went outside.

The officer saw a running car in his driveway and when he approached the vehicle, he demanded that the suspects identify themselves after he identified himself as a police officer.

Authorities said the car suddenly started in reverse and hit the officer, slightly injuring him, authorities said.

Police said the officer feared for his own safety and fired an unknown number of shots at the car. Officials said the rounds fired did not hit anyone in the car.

The officer was not being treated for his injuries.

Officials said the suspects later called police and told them they were involved in the incident. The parents of one of the suspects said their 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend were looking for a New Year's Eve party but got the wrong house.

The suspects said they quickly took off when they saw a man approaching the car with a gun. They told officials they did not know he was a police officer.

Police said Luke Woodworth, 19, was arrested on charges of criminal recklessness and possession of alcohol by a minor.

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